Hello world!

Hello world of blaaahgging… again.  What are you doing in 2012?  I am trying to run 100 miles.

I’ve entered.  Put my name in the pile for the Wasatch Front 100, and am actively pondering backup plans.  The check is in the mail, now they just have to accept me and I have to do some trail work.  Oh, yeah, and I have to “train.”

“Train” has been a 4-letter word for me over the past few years.  I used to obsessive, granted, I used to also be fast, but back then I also was about 13 pounds too thin and burned bridges with my family, friends and other relationships that shall remain nameless.  Since 2008, I’ve been winging it.  Been through some injuries, got fat, got healthy again, was lazy when I wanted to be and made more time for people.  I’ve learned to love good beer, good coffee and good food, and to drop the disturbed athlete psychosis or eating like crap (not referring to McDonald’s here).  I’ve learned to run, and even race, just for fun, picked up some old sports that fell off along time ago, and picked up some new ones.  I’ve learned a balance, a happy medium and I’ve gotten fast again, just by naturally having fun.

So this time around, while I’m sure I could certainly wing it, as I’ve done for the few 50-mile, 50-K ish races I’ve done recently, I am going all in.  I recently moved to winter and there is lack of 10,000′ trails accessible right now, this combined with my tendency for rib and ankle injuries, the fact that a lot can go wrong during 100 miles and that I don’t want to suffer through it, I want to break 30 hours at Wasatch, means I best get my act together.

Off season is officially over, as of this week next week, because I’ve been a little sick since the holiday.  I am making plans.  I’m also taking a wild leap of faith, and making plans for life too… I think I might be going back to school.

Here’s to more dirty feet!