3 Mile Mondays and Why I’m Not Skiing Yet

Every training plan I’ve ever seen pretty much has Monday as a rest/recovery day, usually with a 3 mile run.  My deviation to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted over the last few years has pretty much ended up with me ignoring this and as usual taking an easy day too hard.  In an attempt to go through this entire year with no injuries (knocking on wood really hard right now), I’m re-learning how to take it easy and going back to the 3 Mile Monday, at a VERY SLOW pace.  Enter watch and mileage tracking or HRM and it has become apparent that, while I’m good at running what feels good, I am terrible at judging pace and slowing it down.

Besides that, everyone keeps asking if I am skiing yet, the easiest way to answer that is with photos from this weekends long run up Millcreek.

Glimpse into winter... What the north facing slopes look like at 8K or higher

and the south facing slopes at 8K feet

Given the lack of snow, naturally, I’m not convinced that I want to be on a 15″ artificial base at the moment.  Which means more mountain biking and trail running and a little more energy to bake holiday cookies!


In the interim, we need snow!!!  For skiing, for my sanity, and my health; until we get another storm, the Salt Lake Valley is filled with air quality worse than LA.  Yuck!

Views into Salt Lake, that's not fog down in the valley.