Resolution. Part 1

Fitting.  Apparently it’s January, which means some how it is 2012 already.  I usually say this every year with confusion, as the past year has escaped me and I’m not really sure what I had done with it.  This time around the sun, I actually know exactly where 2011 went… I skied my brains out, saw many friends, old and new, saw friends welcome new additions to their families, saw friends get married, said goodbye to some of my own family, got to know my cousins better, climbed a really big mountain, drove approximately 30,000 miles throughout the Western United States, spent time in 22 different National Parks and Forests, ran a ridiculous amount of miles, moved to Utah and pondered what on earth to do with my career.  I think that’s enough to be worthy of filling an entire year.  I am trying to turn myself into a better photographer, and such am forcing myself to choose favorite photos from the endless vault of images that has been the past year.  Most, but not all, of these are mine; but they all suit a mood, happenings or mental landscape.  Following suit of all the bloggers here’s 2011, in photos.

January- Park City in Hiding: This is the view from the front of my Aunt's house over looking the Park City area. In January, I drove up here and proceeded to spend most of the year at their house. This was one of the spectacular cold crisp mornings that I've come to love.

February- Fenders Requested: Spent some time in Bend in February, running and riding on their fantastic trails. This is a photo from a ride on Tele's birthday. Love it. Just love it. February is hard to capture with a photo because I went from SD to SB to Tahoe, SF, Bend, Seattle, Park City and then moved out of my house in SD. The only constant was the puppy, who went everywhere I went.

March- Sunbleached: J&J on a water taxi in San Diego. In March I got to see lots of amazing people and gave away my best friend at her wedding, this was Jayna's semi-bachelorette week.

April- April Powder: Spoiled. Rotten. Am I. The month of April was filled with powder days up here in Utah, including 2 feet of deliciously fresh, light fluffy stuff on my birthday. While I could post a picture of skiing for April, truth be told, most of my time (mentally at least) was spent chasing these two fantastic dogs through knee deep stuff. Let's be honest, no matter how much I love skiing, watching dogs play in the snow is priceless.

May- Flat Iron Vista: Snapped this as I was leaving Boulder. I spent most of May traveling too, but Boulder was certainly the most fun to take pictures in. The entire town was this picturesque scape from the mountains to the restaurants, shops and even the cyclists.

June- Yes!: I doubt one picture will do the Rainier trip justice, and while this probably doesn't capture my favorite view, it reflects perfectly on the climb and a lot of my mental state this year, and thus is my favorite overall. I didn't take this, so credit due to someone from the "A team" for this one. It is simply: done. You have this quiet place in your head, that is a mental struggle, some of which you can say outloud and the rest of which you can't let on until it's done, but you keep starting up to the sky and slog up, careful not to trip, and keep going. Until you can let go of that ice axe in the crater.

July- Speedgoat Mountain Flowers: I ran the Speedgoat 50k pretty slowly this year, allowing me to take the time to snap some pictures for the first time during a race. This is on the way up Peruvian ridge, overlooking the fantastically beautiful, but rarely seen, greenery and flowers at Snowbird.

August- Just a Big Pile of Rocks: The theme for the Bridger Ridge Run that I ran in August. This one is self-explanatory with obviously stellar views of the ridge itself and the entire Gallatin Valley.

September- Two Wheels: Not much beats a bike ride with your father. Unless it's a bike ride with your father in Starlight, PA. If you can't have that, then a ride with him in Steamboat, CO will work as a second best.

October- On Top of Southern Utah: Every time I drive SLC to SD (which seems to be a lot), I camp in St. George and Tele and I go for a mountain bike or trail run while soaking in the red rock and sun. This October was no exception. En route for my final VeloSwap, we took in the Zion views atop Gooseberry Mesa.

November- And That Was All She Wrote...: Shortly before Thankgiving, I was up in Park City for a night and awoke to a good 13" of new snow. I promptly took the three dogs out for a morning snowshoe. Little did I know, that was the last real snow that we would get for the year.

December- My Big Backyard: With the disturbingly warm temperatures and lack of snow, we've been able to explore new trails pretty much daily. With the trailhead a mere 3 miles from my doorstep, Skyline trail above Red Butte Gardens opens up into an expanse of the Wasatch. My backyard, my playground.


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