Resolution. Part 2

Now I am looking forward, to 2012.  I am already going big and throwing my name in the fishbowl lotteries for a few 100 milers, with the hope that I’ll actually get into one situated in some pretty mountains sometime in August or September, ideally Wasatch, Cascade Crest or Pine to Palm.  Pacer/crew/post-race breakfast and beer recruitment officially begins now.  I am also debating between Speedgoat or Resurrection Pass 50 at the end of July.  Speedgoat, mostly because it got the better of me last year and I think I can take multiple hours off my time this time around; Resurrection mostly because it’d be an excuse to take a short dream vacation in Alaska.  Anyone want to join for either?

I ended 2011 with a 16 mile trail run in the Wasatch front; after being sick for the past several weeks, I’m finally feeling good.

I don’t like resolutions, but not getting injured this year is a goal on my list, with another being to swim once a week (this should help the non-injury thing and I’m already good for week one!).  The most exciting part of the new year is more resolution, of the photographic kind.  I got a new toy for Christmas, so now I get to play with much more resolution, 18.0 MPixels to be exact!

What are you up to for 2012?


PS- I recently found faith… please help me pray, spill some blood, and sacrifice Utah virgins for snow


3 thoughts on “Resolution. Part 2

  1. I believ Leadville is closed, and probably filled in about 3s of opening. I wasn’t really looking at it to start though just because I wasn’t terribly excited about an out and back course. I’m not sure if the Steamboat race is filled yet, but that’s also another potential one (and slightly closer to a potential crew member ;-)).

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