While a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture is can be summed up in just one.  Finally.  We got about 25″ overnight, and around another 20″ over the past few days.  I spent the weekend skiing instead of running long.  Finally!

Aside from being reunited with my long lost love for snow, I have found a new love.  This cookbook Plenty, is an actual vegetable cookbook.  Somehow I seem to fall into this minority of vegetarians (pescetarians, whatever) who actually loves vegetables and doesn’t want to fill my plate with paste, rice and fake meat.  It seems that most cookbooks and even restaurants cater to the later, so I fell in love with this almost immediately.  If you’re looking for some new styles of veggies or options for them as a main, check this out.  The photography is absolutely beautiful too.

With that, I am off to Boulder for a week, to go drink some better beer, see friends, contemplate my purpose in life and go running while anxiously waiting for the 100 mile loteries I am in (early february).  I am hoping that my leaving the Wasatch will only serve to bring more snow.


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