Mental Training

I am sick.  Again.

While training has fallen a bit off schedule, I have kept myself plenty busy by scheduling out my year.  As fellow ultrarunning friend, also venturing into his first 100, recently told me:

“If it’s mostly mental like people say, then you only need a minute to train.”

I’m counting on this to be true, since my sinuses canceled any long running plans I had the past weekend, I got hard at work mentally training by putting things on the calendar.  First news – I’m in Wasatch! First time in the lottery and I’m in!  This makes life much easier, as I can train locally and get to know the course pretty well; also I have a date and can plan out my year accordingly.  With a variety of weddings thrown in the mix, I’m scattering it as such:

March 17 – Chuckanut 50k, Bellingham, WA

April 21-22 – Desert Rats Trail Running Festival 50 Mi, Fruita, CO (maybe 1/2 marathon on Sunday too)

May – unknown… anyone got a good race? maybe an epic Zion or White Rim training weekend

June 2 – Pocatello 50 Mi, Pocatello, ID or Golden Gate Dirty Thirty, Black Hawk, CO (because I think? Adele is doing this)

July 28- Speedgoat 50k, Snowbird, SLC, UT – The race I said I wouldn’t do again, you should join too!

August 11 – Bridger Ridge Run, Bozeman, MT – It’s a lottery, and I’m not in yet, but I want to give this one another go to see what it’s like when you’re not running on a busted ankle and minimal training.  It could turn into another epic training weekend, with back-to-back long runs.

September 7-8 – Wasatch 100, SLC, UT – The big one, it’s do or die and I’m in it to get a belt buckle!

October 13 – 6 Hours of Frog Hollow, Hurricane, UT – It’s not running, just planning ahead to some really awesome riding.

November 3-4 – 25 Hours of Frog Hollow, Hurricane, UT – More extended really awesome riding, the longest one day race! This one has been on the to-do list for 2 years, time to get it done!  We are recruiting for team(s), if you’re interested (and you should be!), let me know!

I’m exhausted thinking about all that now.  Maybe the mental training is good for me!  I’ll leave you with this parting shot… the skiing may not be all that is a typical Utah winter, but the snowshoeing and views of the Wasatch Crest are pretty damn beautiful right now.


2 thoughts on “Mental Training

  1. I’m planning on doing the 12M at Golden Gate, but you should come do the 50k- it sounds fun but too much climbing for me (>9000ft). I am also aiming for the North Fork 50k at the end of June if you want to come out for that. But, I am also being sick instead of training, so we’ll see… I hope you don’t have what I have.

  2. I was about to tell you I hope you don’t have what I have(had). I don’t think I’ve been that sick in years! Sinuses, fever, and then a cold, it’s been about 10 days. Yuck!

    Hmmmmm… I have to pick and choose battles/travel, as I am in SD June 23rd for a wedding and then back in Denver July 21 for a wedding, but North Fork 50 sounds slightly less snow covered and more enticing since there is a 50 mile option.

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