16 miles

Scheduled run today: 20 miles

Actual run today: ~6 miles

Notes: i feel like CRAP, how on earth am i going to run 100 miles?!?!?!?! (let alone 30 next month!)

Weekly mileage: 16 miles… about half of my bare minimum miles.

I’m sick of being sick, and tired, and whining about it.  The upside of forgetting your watch and being on snowy trails when you’re sick is that you can sit down for 15 minutes and throw snowballs for the dog without feeling ridiculous.

On a mostly unrelated note, I need suggestions for good earbuds that I can run/bike/ski with.  I need something more rugged and tougher than Apple’s that seem to fall apart every 2 seconds, ideally with the play/pause/skip controls and a mic.


One thought on “16 miles

  1. If it makes you feel better, my weekly mileage this week is zero and the last two weeks was 6. Being sick sucks. And there’s never anything wrong with stopping to throw snowballs for the dog.

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