Raise your hand if you managed to get a sunburn around the mud splatter on the back of your calves from your trail run today…

Yup.  It was ridiculous.

I’m in the midst of a 40 mile weekend.

10 mile road run, unintentionally redlined it at 7 min/miles and couldn’t kill the pace.  Skied a little bit Friday afternoon, due to the recent return of winter.

Thought for sure my legs were going to be shot for today’s 20 mile trail run… well they weren’t.  But I did see a 35 degree temperature swing in 4 hours, the hideous partial leg sunburn, >12+ miles of trail that essentially became mud, ponds, slushy snow and anything else you might dream of throwing in there.  Oh yeah, we had a fairly close encounter with a coyote and proceeded to run on-leash and see more (in the front country!) after that.  We wouldn’t want a boring trail run, would we? Amazingly, I warmed up nicely after 2 hours.

10 more tomorrow, and I feel like I am just getting started.

What did you do this weekend?

Note, I am aware that I’m running crazy distances, and somehow, against all odds I am managing to keep pace.  This is VERY welcome turn around from a month ago, or two weeks ago, when I felt like I couldn’t even hack out a mundane 5 mile fire-road run.  On to 100 I go.


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