To the Sky

Why did I think this was a good idea?

This morning’s view upward from 9000′ and mile 9-ish of the Wasatch 100 course.


Don’t Ever Stop

Don’t ever stop dreaming.  Don’t ever stop going out because you’re paranoid you’ll get hurt, don’t ever stop doing something else even when your legs are tired.  Don’t ever stop moving forward. Don’t be afraid to work your ass off for everything, don’t ever be afraid to want it all and don’t ever be afraid to love it all, love everyone. Don’t ever stop living.

“Take the leap of faith. Take a deep breath. Know that this is what you wanted.”

“training to get hit by a truck”

Some words of wisdom from one of the first ultra-gurus I had ever met, Luis Escobar

“training to run 100 miles is like training to get hit by a truck”

That certainly sums up the way I’ve felt much of this year and I haven’t even broken 50 yet.

Today, though, today I think I may have arrived back into the high-mileage ultra game.  I’ve been running double-day Wednesdays back since January, usually a longer run in the morning and a short easy run at night.  Today, though, today I made it.  I overslept and couldn’t do my ridiculously steep morning attempt on Grandeur Peak, so I snuck up to Red Butte for a quick 4 miles on the trails.  After work, I ran a pipeline-Granduer 11 mile trail run with at least 2k’ of gain.  It was amazing!  Amazing! The kind of run, the kind of day, where you remember why on earth you might have thought running 100 miles in one the hardest 100’s would be a good idea.  The kind of day where you know you’ve gotten something right.  The kind of day where your training has graduated you from training to get hit by a Tacoma to getting hit by a U-haul.

I didn’t pull a Joe Grant and run up with my DSLR tonight, maybe someday I’ll graduate to that… and due to carrying water for the puppy, I didn’t bring up any camera at all… but here’s some evidence from last night’s run up a mountain on the horrible scenery I have to put up with living out here.