writer’s block, runner’s block, blogger’s block

… I try to keep a lot of my political sentiments out of this blog,  because I’m willing to bet that 90% of the people who actually read this are on par with me and I find rare points for discussion… I am cooking, but not as much.  It’s hot out here and by the time I get home, get another workout in or finish studying, I find myself making the aforementioned Risotto or what my friends are calling the “Jeanni Dinner” at 10 pm, and by then photography has become exhausting… and running, well I am running, half the time it’s great and the other half the time I find myself feeling discombobulated.

Like this morning, Tels and I had a great run (it’s really hard to have bad run with this around), but for me it was pretty close to horrible; my back hurt from a long MTB ride with Mark and probably the road run I did yesterday simply to feel fast because I found out how ridiculously slow I’ve been running trails.   So Tels and I power hiked up some steep stuff, faster than I actually ever have before, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, hold a 9 min pace on the flats.  Then we sat and watched the sun come up over the ridge line and flood the valley, and I sat and cried for a while, realized I should probably go home and ran back down the hills.

Do I regret going on my mountain bike ride?  No, because it was awesome and I am getting so much stronger there.

I just want some cheese with my whine, and some direction.  It may be getting towards do-or-die time, I just need a month of really great running, hopefully ending with the North Fork 50 and then I might be able to convince myself I really can do Wasatch.

Kelly, Jenny, Jayna, Adele… I could really use a trail running, breakfast eating buddy right now.


4 thoughts on “writer’s block, runner’s block, blogger’s block

  1. We’ll run and have breakfast at North Fork! It’ll be fun. Actually, I won’t finish until after noon, but we can still gorge ourselves anyway.

    Hope your back feels better… but I agree, biking was probably worth it, you have to do what’s fun and not be a slave to what you “should” be doing.

  2. I’m 50 miles… not 50k; unless I go horribly, horribly wrong, I’ll be done after you are… so if breakfast that night is not in order, the next morning will be… find your favorite joint in Golden!

  3. You could try Jeff Galloway:(813) 391-7760 or Utah262@yahoo.com. He’s the director of a running club in Utah. It’s not trail running, but at the very least you could email him asking for trail runners?

    I’m sorry you feel so down. I’m thinking of you. 🙂

  4. Thanks K! I’ll get there… sometimes it actually helps to finally say it out loud. It is tough when sometimes your stress relief mechanism becomes stressful in itself.

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