What she said…

I told Adele that I was waiting on her post so that I could just post a picture and defer to her commentary; turns out she didn’t whine about the miserableness of flat, bland and runable trails as much I wanted her to.  Instead of just continuing to throw myself a pity party, I’ll sum up the weekend as a great weekend with friends and an opportunity for some mental re-balancing on the whole running a 100-miler plan.

Greeting Adele for her first 50K finish (No, she didn’t take me up on the beer, but I offered!)

But… Adele and Toberer ran their first (and maybe last) 50K races and they also didn’t blame me for any of that nonsense.  Always fun to share in the misery and fun with friends and to see them set out for huge goals!   I camped with great friends and didn’t catch on fire while visiting CO or driving back amidst the inferno going on in the West right now.  Next official battle is Speedgoat at the end of the month and I am hoping I can get some fluidity back in my runs again before then.