Ultra Running Makes for an Expensive Date: A Case for Gummy Worms

I am attempting to source out my Gu supply for Wasatch.  The last time I was at REI, purchasing 12 or more energy products so that I could get them to take 20% off the price that was marked up 20%, it occurred to me that I would probably need to source at least 36 Gu’s along with several other thousand calories for this race.

At one point in my running career, I remember Gu used to cost about $0.55 each, this is no longer the case.  In today’s reality, you’re lucky to find Gu, shy of $1.45.  At 100 calories, that is a whopping 68 calories per dolar.  Fairly pricy, I believe even Sushi is cheaper than that.  Looking at every discount vender I could find for bulk cases, they drop down to about $1.25 if you’re lucky… but it still inspired me to do some math.

Gu: 100 calories / $1.45 = 68 calories per dollar

5 lb. bag of Black Forest Gummy Worms: $7.99, for 2268 g (5 lb) of gummy worms

at 130 Calories / 38 g for 2268 g; that’s 60 servings per bag at 130 calories per serving gives 7758 Calories for $7.99 …

which brings us to 971 calories per dollar in gummy worms!

… if only gummy worms were easier to carry.


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