Speedgoat 50(ish)K Wrap Up

Finally getting around to telling you about Speedgoat…   But first, it is 23 days, 8 hours and 21 minutes until Wasatch.  I am running the biggest week of my life this week and I am afraid it might actually kill me.

On to Speedgoat: I keep trying to motivate with pictures, but the software on my iPhone doesn’t focus on far away objects very well, so it lets go of the focus immediately before it takes the picture.  Please bear with my attempt to make the pictures look not quite so terrible, because the content itself, is fairly spectacular.  In summary, I “ran” faster than last year… I’m not sure, but it may have been longer than last year (multiple GPS recordings in the 33.6ish mile range), I felt much stronger than last year and it was harder and more fun! For real awesome photos you can look at the pretty flowers or at Tom Martens Pure Light Gallery. For my brief tour… scroll down

We wound our way, basking in the view, soaking in the morning light on Superior…

Up, up, up, all the way into the talus field that is the summer form of Little Cloud Bowl

Amazingly (and a million thank yous to everyone who did trail formation here) there was a smooth line of switchbacks all the way up.

Then it was over Hidden Peak and a dive down into Mineral Basin.  Without warning I looked up and was almost swimming in a sea of brilliant colors; wildflowers abound!  This is why I run!

After a bobble down into Pacific Mine and long stretch of slogging back up, we caught the ridge back towards Snowbird, full of green and flowery meadows and stark naked peaks. No snow to be found on course this year!

Then mile 23 takes you up Baldy… no sane person would ever pick this line up to that ridge.  Then again, no sane person would probably do this race.

And just in case you thought you got off easy, a drop down Peruvian Gulch gives you the chance to climb back up Cirque Traverse!

And then it was a speedy glissade down LIttle Cloud

Oooops!  Wait, that was last year.  This year involved a sloppy bobble back down the talus field and then a quad thrashing descent back to Creekside.  I took over an hour off my time and still made it to a wedding looking fairly respectable.

The End!

PS- I’ll be back next year and next year I’m out for speed!


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