Creating Space


I have come full circle recently, back to the battle I experienced leaving San Diego, a battle of two spaces, one of the space I wish to live in, another of the life I wish to live with.  There are two circular paths that can very well never intersect, yet I have had a fleeting glimpse of that intersection.  Does it become foolish to hold out hope that it will come?

The greatest challenge seems to be the paradox of looking at your dreams far down the road, yet not getting caught up, limited and fixated on what is five miles ahead, being able to enjoy the mile you are in, the immediate space you live in. Working for those things that you want though the process of achieving them forces you into a mold which you cannot fit.  The challenge of learning to deeply listen to yourself and create space in your life for those things you simply cannot compromise on.

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“the unexpected action of deep listening can create a space of transformation capable of shattering complacency and despair.” – Terry Tempest Williams