Pure Joy

A week of nothing very exciting, yet every where I turn, something little and joyful. About two feet of snow fell in the valley this week.  Somehow three days of shoveling for an hour at a time wore me out only enough to make enjoying hot tea and a fire very relaxing.  I am absolutely amazed that it is the end of December already, and that I’ve also been in Utah for about five years. The amount of snow reminds me of what sucked us into moving here to begin with.

Let it snow!

Throw back, to Tele, swimming in the powder, 2011

The week of joy has been filled with the notion of not needing to drive anywhere at all for the excitement. A ski “tour” in the park, just a block from my house.  Riding my mountain bike to work.  And snow angels, because you can.  IMG_0002 2It’s been a week where lots of pieces are finally pulling together.  I feel confident about decisions to stay in Salt Lake, to make this community my home and to plan a future here.  Pure joy seems to be appearing around the corner in many directions, from celebrating with friends, trail “running” in knee deep powder, and exploring the possibilities of where my career will take me. There is something really special about engaging in laughter and talks  and knowing a smile on an old friend’s face and having holiday celebrations with new friends and knowing their excitement and smiles as well.  I didn’t need the snow to make my week, but it seems to have arrived to serve as the nicely piled bow which punctuates a gift. So my friends, while the holidays are stressful, see if you can give yourself the gift of pure joy.  Because, it is, simply where you find it, and where you make it.


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